John F. Kennedy's favorite books

John F. Kennedy was a dedicated, enthusiastic reader.  In 1964, Jackie Kennedy described her husband's reading habits this way:
“He’d read in the strangest way. He’d read walking, he’d read at the table, at meals, he’d read after dinner, he’s read in the bathtub… He’d really read all times you don’t think you have time to read. He was always reading – practically while driving a car.”
What books did he like?  The John F. Kennedy Library submitted the list of books below as "particular favorites" of President Kennedy. 

Particular Favorites of President Kennedy:
Lord Melbourne by Lord David Cecil
Montrose by John Buchan
Marlborough: His Life and Times by Sir Winston Churchill
John Quincy Adams by Samuel Flagg Bemis
The Emergence of Lincoln by Allan Nevins
The Price of Union by Herbert Agar
John C. Calhoun by Margaret L. Coit
Talleyrand by Duff Cooper
Byron in Italy by Peter Quennell
The Red and the Black by M. de Stendhal
From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming
Pilgrim's Way by John Buchan

Click the above link for more suggestions from  Dave Powers, friend and aide to John F. Kennedy.

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