About me

Hi, I appreciate you taking a look at my About Me page. By way of introduction my name is Kevin Gregory. I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a young boy. When my kids were young I invested a lot of time reading books to them. The picture above is me reading to one of my daughters when she was about eight. I was determined to read good, classic books to them. I spent a lot of time searching for quality books that would capture their imagination and make a positive impact on their lives.  Then came the time actually reading to them at night - usually several hours a week. So there wasn’t much time for reading for my own benefit and pleasure, but now that they are grown I find myself reading books that grab my attention. When I find a great book I want to share it. I created this Best Books for Men blog in 2012 to share with others the good books I found. I occasionally post my book reviews here. Sometimes I post my reviews at Amazon, also. You can see my reviews at Amazon here