Review - "Be You. Do Good." by Jonathan Golden

Be You. Do Good.” by Jonathan Golden is an upbeat book about how to find not merely a career, but a calling that makes you come alive, while allowing you to be yourself and to do good. 

Golden, founder of Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company, a multi-million dollar coffee company which provides a living wage to 2,500 Rwandan farmers, experienced plenty of twists and turns while finding and pursuing his own calling. As a teenager, Golden's friends assumed he'd go into the ministry - but he decided to study psychology. He got a masters degree in psychology, then built a successful business consulting company. Not totally at peace, he pursued the calling of a pastor and joined the Anglican Communion. But he still felt there was something more. A chance meeting with a bishop from Rwanda sparked Golden to consider starting a coffee company that could make a difference in the lives of others. He moved forward and founded Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company. This venture was a way for Golden to bring together his varied interests and passions, allowing him - as he puts it - to "be me and do good."

Golden says God is at work creating new ventures and he invites you to join him. To find your calling, pay attention to the inklings you hear each day that make you feel alive, and which lead you to help others. "When inklings are given attention, fed, and watered,” Golden says, “they can grow into beautiful expressions of vocation.”

My favorite quote in the book is this: "Your calling is more than your role, more than your job, more than the way you earn your living. It is that for which you're made." (pg 205)

This book is the perfect companion to the classic job-hunting guide, “What Color Is Your Parachute?” by Richard N. Bolles. Bolles’ book might help you get a job, but Golden’s book will help you find your calling.  

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