Eighty year anniversary of the unforgettable gold medal rowing victory in Berlin Olympics

Eighty years ago this week, the eight-oar rowing team from the USA won a gold medal in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

"The Boys in the Boat" by Daniel James Brown tells the dramatic story of the unlikely group of nine boys from the University of Washington who overcame extreme adversity to win an Olympic gold medal. Below is a photo of the UW crew, in the top lane, crossing the finishing line first in Berlin.

How these working class boys – the sons of fishermen, loggers, miners, and manual workers – prevailed over teams from elite Eastern colleges and went on to win Olympic gold is an unforgettable story.

The “Husky Clipper” – the wooden racing shell that carried the UW boys to victory in 1936 – is displayed at the University of Washington’s Conibear Shellhouse. This shell was crafted by boat-building legend George Pocock. It was a moving experience for me to see the shell the magnificent boys rowed to victory. Below is a photo of the Husky Clipper, suspended upside down from the ceiling, at the Conibear Shellhouse.