I enjoyed reading this book over Christmas

A Christmas Memory is Truman Capote's recounting of his Christmases in the 1930s, when he lived in a house with several older relatives. He becomes close to a much older eccentric cousin he calls “my friend,” and they share a unique bond during the Christmas season. 
A Christmas Memory was first published in the December, 1956 issue of Mademoiselle Magazine and later put into book form.
I read it for the first time this Christmas. A Christmas Memory is endearing, the same way that Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is endearing. My eyes got misty toward the ending. My wife read it, and she loved it too. A Christmas Memory is worthy of being included with the other great Christmas books that families like to display and read during Christmas season. I have the Alfred A. Knopf hardcover edition, beautifully illustrated by Beth Peck (see sample illustration below). To buy this book from Amazon, click here.