Review - "Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America" by Chris Arnade

Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America by Chris Arnade is a powerful and insightful exploration of the class divide in America. 
Arnade believes that in the US, there is front-row America and back-row America. Front-row Americans have credentials and advantages and upward mobility. They often stigmatize and ridicule the people in the back row. Back-row Americans hang out at McDonald’s and at churches — two places they find acceptance and community. And they sense it when their worldview and their religion are belittled.
Arnade traveled to cities and towns across America where back-row Americans live: the Bronx, New York; Selma, Alabama; Bakersfield, California; areas in Maine, Nevada, and elsewhere. He interviewed them and photographed them. (The dozens of photos in the book have an endearing quality that humanizes these people who’ve been left behind.)
It is worth noting that many front-row Americans happen to be like Arnade — politically progressive. Progressives often think they know what is best for the underclass, but they are oblivious that their advice comes across as shallow and condescending to back-row Americans.
The back-row Americans you encounter in this book will change the way you see working-class and lower-class Americans. Click here to buy from Amazon.