"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu - my favorite edition

My copy of “The Art of War” just came in the mail from Amazon. Glad to finally have my own copy. “The Art of War” is a legendary treatise on military strategy and tactics. Written by Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu around 500 B.C., this work is studied in military colleges as well as  business schools. “The Art of War” contains 13 chapters pertaining to different aspects of warfare. If you follow the lessons in this book, you'll be in a good position to defeat your competition. 
I purchased the slip-case hardcover Arcturus edition, which uses the translation by Lionel Giles. This book is truly beautiful. The gold-embossed lettering on the cover makes for a classy look. Inside there are lots of attractive illustrations. And the slip-case will protect the book for decades to come. 
There are lots of editions of “The Art of War” available on Amazon, so if you like the one in this video, I suggest you double-check to make sure you are ordering the hardcover Arcturus edition.