Review - "Settle for More" by Megyn Kelly

When a successful person reveals the secrets to their success, it’s worth paying attention to. That’s why “Settle for More,” the 2016 memoir by Megyn Kelly, the Fox News anchor with an audience of 2.4 million viewers, is worth reading.
Kelly writes much like she talks on her show – straight to the point, with some humor tossed in here and there. The early chapters on growing up in a close-knit Catholic family, and the effect of the unexpected death of her father when she was 15, make for interesting reading.
The title of Kelly’s book comes from a low point in her life - unhappy in marriage and unhappy in her career - when she heard Dr. Phil on television explain that people need to expect more out of life. Dr. Phil said, "The only difference between you and someone you envy is, you settled for less.” That struck a chord with Kelly. She realized she had been settling for less in her marriage and her career… so she decided to make changes. She divorced her then-husband, left her unsatisfying law career behind, and went into journalism. She eventually married Douglas Brunt in 2008, and Kelly says her current marriage is happy. She adopted Settle for More as her life philosophy, and has used that philosophy to guide her to this day.
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